The Big Technology Brands That are Watching You in Your Privacy

By | December 21, 2020

PrivacyWe consider ourselves safe and secure once we enter the privacy of our homes we feel relaxed and comfortable after long hard days of work but what if someone is watching your every move inside your own living or even bedroom.

You would sure be surprised or worried I must say if you come to know that some watchful eyes are watching you wherever you go or whatever you do. The sinister of being watched is scary and also worrisome. There are a lot of applications and search engines that keep an eye on your day to day matters and use that information against your will for their personal benefits. These applications are no strangers to us as we use them almost every day, to name a few Google Facebook Snapchat Pokémon go and video games.


Google is a widely used search engine and almost everyone who is an internet user must have used it without a doubt. It tracks your location and is very precise about it. It keeps a record of wherever you go and asks reviews about places you visited. All this is done even if you don’t want it. Even the most groundbreaking application which uses voice commands known as Google assistant or Alexa has been recording everyday conversations and sending it to unknown people without the knowledge of the users. So it would top the list of spies brought installed and used by us with our very own hands.


Facebook also is used by almost everyone rich or poor young or old for advertisements to selling and purchasing goods its working as one of the biggest earning websites of all times but is also facing allegations of stealing and misusing information from users all over the world and also sabotaging the vote results of countries. Facebook is also allegedly sending sensitive information of citizens of one country without their consent to their enemy countries. This is a huge misuse of information and resources and breaks the trust of its users.

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Snapchat is another application very popular among mostly youngsters all around the globe. Its beautiful face filters and voice changers make it irresistible for users all over the world. This application was also added to the list of spy app and it tracks your location uses your contacts your microphone camera gallery and uses information without your permission.
Pokémon go:

A world of people from all walks and fields of life and belonging of all casts and creed was found hit by the storm known as Pokémon go. Everyone got swept off their feet in the search of Pokémon’s everywhere which made the people so indulged in the game that caused a lot of misfortunate accidents and injuries. Yet this game tracks all your movements and records every inch you go. You in all your innocence play a game but in reality, you are playing in the hands of people who mean business even if it’s business generated by misusing your private information without you ever knowing.

Video games:

Video games also gained a lot of popularity in youngsters few years back and are gnawing deep into their future even now. Yes, this innocent looking game is not so innocent and uses all the information of your child without your permission.
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