5 Things To Consider Before Installing YoWhatsapp In Your Phone

By | December 1, 2020

When it comes to messaging and sharing media files, there is no other app as good as WhatsApp. This is one app that is used by every smartphone user. WhatsApp allows users to send messages, share images, videos, location, and whatnot. Users can take advantage of all of these features at no extra cost. Despite so many features, some users are still not satisfied with WhatsApp, and therefore, they prefer using a third-party application called YoWhatsapp.

Whatsapp For Android

YoWhatsapp is a modified version of WhatsApp but with specific changes. The developers of the app have made changes in the user interface and have also added a lot of extra features. This is one of the main reasons why people use YoWhatsapp. For the ones who are interested in downloading YoWhatsapp in, their mobile phones should once go through this article.

Things To Know

YoWhatsapp may has a lot of similarities with the original WhatsApp, but they are two different apps. Before downloading, one should need to first go through some of the details about the app.

1. YoWhatsapp was first introduced in 2012. It was developed by Rafalense, a Spanish developer. YoWhatsapp share the same icon as the original WhatsApp; the only difference is that the icon for YoWhatsapp is blue. Users who are interested in using YoWhatsapp have to download it from a third-party website as the app is not available in phone app stores. The app comes with a red flag, which means a user cannot use the app unless their phone is jail-broken. To use YoWhatsapp, users are first required to download the original version of WhatsApp on their phones.

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2. YoWhatsapp is very much similar to WhatsApp, but there are still some differences. YoWhatsapp is considered to be a modified version of WhatsApp, and thus, it comes with several extra features. For example, users can customize their YoWhatsapp according to their wish. The app has more themes, color options, more emoji, bigger file sharing, etc. not just that, but it allows users to hide their online status as well. All these additional features make YoWhatsapp an improved version of WhatsApp.

3. There is no doubt that YoWhatsapp comes with more and better features, but users may get banned from their original WhatsApp account for using the app. WhatsApp is known to ban its users for 24 hours for using YoWhatsapp. Using YoWhatsapp is considered as violating the rules and regulations of WhatsApp. The ban lasts only for 24 hours after which users can use their WhatsApp account once again.

4. YoWhatsapp may is very popular among users, but it is not considered to be safe. This is one of the main reasons why Google Playstore banned the app from its app store. The decision was taken after a DMCA takedown from WhatsApp. The authenticity of YoWhatsapp is not guaranteed. However, it is hard to say whether using the app is illegal or not. There are also security issues with the app as it is known to leak the user’s private information to other third-party apps which are not at all safe. This may create a lot of problems for the users. Users willing to use YoWhatsapp are advised sticking to the original version if they don’t want their information to get leaked.

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5. Users should also be informed that YoWhatsapp is an open-source platform. This means that nobody can copy and paste the WhatsApp codes which are required to launch individual apps. This enables the developer to steal private and sensitive data of the users by just changing the code.

YoWhatsapp is no doubt one of the best MOD version of WhatsApp. But the main problem with the app is that it is not safe to use. The app is known to communicate with shady third-party websites which may steal user’s private information. Not just that, using YoWhatsapp can also get a user’s account banned by WhatsApp. To be safe, users are advised to stick to using the original WhatsApp.

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