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By | March 27, 2019

Video streaming in 2019 is about to become even more accessible for everyone with the commissioning of 5G mobile networks. It means that HD, Full HD, and even 4K streaming will become cheaper and faster. This is the review of 3 most frequently downloaded apps for watching TV programs, movies and series.


Netflix is statistically the biggest streaming service in the United States. Sandvine research of peak bandwidth across the country showed that Netflix has the attention of up to 37% of America’s internet users simultaneously. This number is even bigger than YouTube’s!

Unlike the previous 2, Netflix is a very smart application that has special algorithms that learn your taste to make up a personalized suggestion feed. This data is synchronous for all of your netflixing devices.

The quality of streams is also remarkably good. The service considers the capabilities of your current network connection and the hardware to choose the most suitable resolution and framerate. It may vary from 480p and 720p to full HD and Ultra HD 4K. It depends on a title. The best thing about it is that you can download an unlimited number of series and movies into your phone or tablet to enjoy watching them in offline zones.

Hulu App

This solution is great for those who consider cable TV providers and HD satellite transmitters too expensive and bulky as they are. Hulu app subscription provides access to unlimited hours of real-time and pre-recorded TV shows, series and movies wherever you go. A single account is accessible from your mobile devices, Smart TV, PC and gaming consoles via the Hulu app.

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This service used to be primarily focused on TV shows, but now it tries to keep up with Netflix. That’s why it funds original series and movies which appear to be very good. Top Hulu originals include Castle Rock, Harlots, The Wrong Man, Difficult People, Casuals and more. Subscription provides full access to packs of series and shows. On the one hand, the library of original content is not as huge and rapidly growing as Netflix’s, but some titles are highly immersive. You may also find dozens of series and films by other studios in Hulu. It would be wise to correlate its tariff plan with other providers to decide whether it is worth to pay for this content or not.

Talking about drawbacks, Hulu app rather cheap, but doesn’t have a no-ads version. It’s also impossible to download your favorite shows to watch them offline, so you won’t be able to pick a couple of shows to save mobile data.

Pluto TV

Similarly to Hulu and Netflix, Pluto TV is a cross-platform streaming service. The major slant of Pluto TV is live streaming of more than 100 channels and access to recently viewed shows. It’s two times more than Hulu offers, but for a few dollars cheaper. Accordingly, there are no original shows and series. Instead, Pluto TV offers a huge library of movies which is frequently updated with new hit titles. It’s not always possible to learn which movies will be released in advance, but the vast majority of them comes from Sony distribution.

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The lower price of this app brings more advertising that interrupts streaming. This company sells advert places on every channel, and marketers seem to buy it with pleasure as there are blocks of 2-4 30-second clips. Anyway, that’s not as much as cable providers offer for the higher price. It makes Pluto TV a perfect live TV streaming tool.


All of these 3 apps provide high-quality service. Hulu and Netflix have competitive original content that is impossible to be viewed somewhere else, while Pluto TV offers the biggest TV channel list for the lowest price. That’s why it’s not so easy to make the right choice.


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