10 Tricks To Charge Android Phone Battery Faster

By | January 15, 2017

There are many reasons that cause phone’s battery drainage. If you want to charge your android phone’s battery faster then I’m going to share with you 10 tricks you should be using to make your android phone charge faster. There are certain reasons & features in your android phone that consume your phone battery even more & thus do not let your phone charge faster.

10 Tricks To Charge Android Phone Faster

Go through these epic tricks & then check the result.

1:- Use Faster Charing Charger

When buying the smartphone, it comes with a prepacked optimal charger that is specially built for your phone. If you have lost your charger or has become damaged, try to buy the same (Port & Voltage) charger in the market or purchase it online & use it to charge your phone.

2:- Switch Off Your Phone

Don’t use your phone while charging if you want to charge it quickly. While using your phone, you use different features of your phone & thus they consume battery.

3:- Enable Flight Mode/AirPlan Mode

You might have seen Flight Mode or AirPlan, standalone mode or offline mode in your smartphone. This feature is used to prevent your phone from receiving & sending text msgs, calls & using Wifi. If you don’t want to use your phone for a while then try enabling Flight Mode & your phone will charge your battery fast.

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4:- Reduce Screen Brightness

Reducing screen brightness can also increase battery saving functionality & thus your phone then doesn’t consume much battery.

5:- Shorten Screen TimeOut

One of the reasons in consuming phone’s battery is keeping screen locking timeout not short. Keep your phone screen’s timeout under 30 seconds.

6:- Disable Sim Card Functionality

If you don’t want to enable Flight mode then try disabling Network & SIM Functionality on your phone.

7:- Enable Battery Saving Mode

In most android devices, you’ll find battery saving mode. If you found it then try enabling it to not only reduce battery consuming but also make your phone charge faster.

8:- Force Stop Unnecessary Apps & Games

Running & keeping apps & games on phone is the main reason in consuming battery life. Try to disable & force stop those unnecessary apps & games.

9:- Turn Off Bluetooth & Other Features

While recharging your phone fast, it is recommended to turn off & disable different features such as Bluetooth, GPS & others.

10:- Try disabling Phone’s Animations

Animations are the cause of consuming battery. Try to disable it for better battery saving. You’ll find animations in your phone’s Developers setting.

11:- Turn Off ScreenSavers

Don’t use screensavers or other useless widgets on your phone as they consume much life of the phone battery.

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