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By | September 25, 2016

Here we’re going to learn about the Ultimate Password Manager App (tool) that can be used on both devices i.e, on Android & PC.

We need such tool because we daily switched onto different accounts at the same time & keep different type of password for each account but a headache is that we can’t remember password for every account & whenever we log into any account, we need to put the password & email or other information first to log into that account.

But with the super fantastic software & app named Dashlane, we have the better technology to make this job easier for ourselves.

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Dashlane offers us high-level security & keeps our entire online browsers’ passwords, personal infos, Payments infos, IDs, receipts & much more safe under the shelter which no one can access to (Even the Dashlane Community!!!).


I personally use it for many days but here I recommend it to all of my readers (especially for business owners) because of its advantages & features. Everyone who has to manage different accounts online could be on Android or PC should use it.

How To Use Dashlane Password Manager?

Dashlane has two versions. One for Android & other for PC. Doesn’t matter if you have just PC or Android because you can use it on any of them or on both.

For Android device, download it from the link below.

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[appbox googleplay com.dashlane]

Create an account in the app & then log into your account. (note: Please remember the password when creating an account because no one can later recover your Dashlane account even the app’s community if you have forgotten your password. Also, keep your password strong.)

There is also a Dashlane Browser that will automatically be installed on your Android device. Whenever you browse something on your phone, just use that Dashlane Browser to store your credentials & passwords which you can use later on to directly log into those accounts on your browser without entering email addresses or passwords.

I had logged into my Gmail account on D-Browser so the app has stored all of my info.

Now I’ve signed out of my account & I’m again signing into my account. So, at this time, I don’t need to retype the password & email address because the Dashlane has already stored them & now I can easily log into my account with one click.


There are many features in the app i.e, you can protect your wallet credentials, Notes & much more. Also, there is one another good feature you can use to generate strong passwords for any account you create.

You can also use Dashlane software on your PC. here’s a question.

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How To Use Dashlane On PC?

Open the app on your phone & click on Sync to Desktop.


A new window will come up. there just click on I’m At My Computer.

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Then one another window will come up & will tell you that visit http://dashlane.com/connect & there type the following code.


(http://dashlane.com/connect) PC Browser screenshot:


Once you added the code, your download file will be ready for downloading & after downloading the Dashlane Software on your Computer, there you’ll be notified to add the extension to your chrome as well. So, install the extension & log into your Dashlane Software’s account using your Email Address & Password which you had used on your Android Device.

After signing into your account, all of your browser’s saved passwords will be stored in the Dash-lane software which you can use lator on to log into any of the accounts with just one click.

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Here’s a screenshot of the software that I’ve downloaded & connected to my PC.


This software also tells you the security score of your Online accounts which can help you to know which account should be protected & which not.

I hope this article will help you. If you’ve any question then do let start discussion below.

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Thanks 🙂


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