Easy Way To Use SB Game Hacker To Hack Android Games

By | July 26, 2016

Is this your wish to be a hacker of Android Games & to get a lot of Coins & Money in Games? if yes, then here I’m going to teach you how to use SB Game Hacker to hack any game in just a few steps without having any knowledge about hacking.

In order to use Sb Game Hacker on your android phone your phone must have root access or otherwise you won’t be able to hack any game. Check this out to know how to check If my phone is rooted?


First Download Sb Game Hacker Apk

The First thing you’ll need to click here to Download Sb Game Hacker & then install it on your android smartphone but make sure that your phone is rooted.

How To Use SB Game Hacker To Hack Android Games

In this article, we’ll be hacking Let’s Farm android game using the hacker in order to show you how you can use it.

Steps to use the Sb

#1 Open Game Hacker, minimize it & then Open the Let’s Farm game

#2  Open hacker again & put the numbers of coins / money from the game in the input box & then click Search & then minimize the hacker again(Screenshot)


#3 Now increase or decrease coins / money by buying or selling something in the game

#4 After changing the coins value Open again sb & put the numbers of coins / money you have changed in the other input box & then hit Search

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#5 Now enter the numbers of coins in the modification box that you want to get & then increase or decrease coins / money by buying or selling something in the game to get your coins you have modified. Now you have got it!!!


Speed Up Time In Games Using Sb Game Hacker

With the help of this tool not only you can hack apps but you can also speed up the time to get everything done quickly. for example, in the Let’s Farm game you’ll need to wait some days or hours for building homes or anything else but if you’re using Sb then you don’t need to wait. All you need to do is just speed up the time by opening Sb, Clicking the meter icon below the hacker & by increasing the speed by 2x to infinity.

Remember: I have used Let’s farm android game for hacking because it cannot be hacked with sb & the tutorial & guide above is just for an educational purpose.

Watch the Video Tutorial to learn how to hack games practically

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