How To Watch YouTube Videos Without Buffering?

By | November 26, 2016


Well, we all are YouTube fans, some of you may be crazy for it but one fact we all need to admit that YouTube is the largest online entertainment platform right now and it is a sensation among youth. YouTube needs no introduction regardless of your taste it provides you entertainment. Now the only hurdle between you and YouTube is Buffering. Buffering is the biggest hurdle in front of people who likes to surf YouTube at least once in a day.

Buffering can cause huge loss of your data package and wastes lot of your time. It completely kills the joy of watching videos and it feels that the whole world is suddenly stopped, main reason can be a slow internet connection. Now what to do to tackle that problem and to watch online videos without buffering even in a slow internet connection and make your online YouTube experience more smoother?

Don’t worry guys this article is all about solving that problem of buffering forever. Below I have shared some of the most authentic ways or you can say methods to watch videos on YouTube without buffering even in a slow internet connection without extra mess to download any third party App to do so.

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Methods to watch YouTube Videos without buffering –

Method 1 –

In this method, we are going to use SmartVideo for YouTube extension in Google chrome. Its provide better control over YouTube buffering, playing and quality option. This extension is developed by Smarter and it is rated 3.5 stars on Chrome Web store.

Requirements –

Steps to use SmartVideo for YouTube –

1. First of all, Download & Install this extension on your Google Chrome from the above-mentioned link.

2. After the installation, click on the small round icon which is located in the top right corner of the Google chrome.

3. Now click on options and do changes in the settings as mentioned in the below screenshots.

4. That’s it you are done. Now you can notice that the YouTube videos are buffering fast than never.

Method 2 –

In this method, we will change the video quality to least. By doing this even if you are on a low-speed network the video will play without buffer as much as possible. This method is very underrated but it works best without any additional download of App or extension.

Steps –

1. Firstly, Open any YouTube video you like to watch.

2. Now, click on Setting icon which is located on the right bottom of the video.

3. Then under the Quality section choose the least level which is 144p.

4. Afterwards, your video will play smoothly without any buffer.

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Hence, these were the methods to watch YouTube videos without buffering. Hope you like it.

Ending the Article –

This article is a real blessing for people with slow or 2g internet connection, although that is true that these days data tariffs are really cheaper than compared to previous prices, but it’s still along way to go for internet penetration in India. That’s the main reason of me posting this article today so you can enjoy YouTube without any disturbance.

This method is completely working but it can reduce the quality of the video to avoid the buffer but the video would still be watchable to so you won’t face any problems in your entertainment. The videos below 720p quality can be easily watched without any buffer. More than 720p quality vie would buffer a bit but still less worsened than now.

So, hence was the post to watch YouTube videos without buffering. I hope you liked the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.


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