5 Ways To Backup Your Android Phone Free Of Cost

By | February 13, 2017

Ever worried about losing your phone & important & secret data in your Phone? In this quick post, I’ll be sharing with you 5 easy & free ways to backup your android phone free of cost without spending few cents. Although, for better result & hassle free backup schedule, you’ll need to pay for apps to auto backup your phone on a schedule basis.

5 Ways To Backup Android Phone Free Of Cost

Follow these simple but very tricky ways to get your entire phone’s data backed upped into your secured accounts & places you want.

1:- Use Android’s By Default Backup Feature

Android has its own by default backup feature & function. When you reset your phone or bring it out of the box & switch on it, you get first a backup option in which the phone says”Where you would like to backup your phone”. You can use your Secured Google Account to back up your phone.

If you have missed configuring Backup option in the initial step, then don’t be hopeless. Just follow the steps below to make sure your phone take backup of the entire phone’s data into your google account.

  1. Go to phone’s setting.
  2. In S4 Device, go to Accounts, Scroll down & click on Backup and reset.
  3. Choose your backup account & configure the setting & your phone will take backup into your account securely.
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2:- Use Cloud Storage Apps

Do you have specific kinds of data you want to backup them in a secured place? Cloud Storage Apps are the best & protected places for you to backup & store your essential & important documents.

3:- Manually Backup Phone To PC

Don’t want to try out the above-mentioned ways? Doesn’t matter. You can use this method too. In this method, you need to manually transfer all of your phone’s data to your PC & store it inside your Hard Drive. You can connect your phone to your PC either using WIFI or a USB Cable or remote manager such as es file explorer.

4:- Use Android Backup Apps

You have most useful backup apps in the Play Store which can help you take backup of your phone’s data such as Contacts, Messages, Videos, images, Docs & other data free of cost. You can either use G Cloud app or others.

5:- Buy An Auto Backup App Or Tool

We have mentioned many free ways to backup android phone free of cost. If they were not enough for you then you can also buy My Backup Pro app  or you can buy a UBS Storage to transfer all of your important data into that USB effortlessly.

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