7 Easy Ways To Show your Wifi Password/Passphrase

By | August 6, 2016

Has someone connected your android phone or your PC to his/her wifi without telling you the key or Password?

Or Have you forgotten your wifi password? & want to show it on your device to remember it again?

Here I’m going to teach you some best and working ways that How To Show or know your Wifi Password?


Note: Methods which I’m going to teach you only work if you’ve already connected or had connected your pc or android phone to any wifi network otherwise these methods won’t work for you!!!

#1 Find Password Using Android App Named Terminal Emulator

If you’ve an Android Device then you can simply find out your password but make sure that your android phone is rooted. If you don’t know then click here to learn how to check If your android is rooted or not.

To find out your wifi passphrase you need to download the Terminal Emulator by clicking the download link below.

[appbox googleplay jackpal.androidterm]

How To Use Terminal Emulator to Show Wifi Passwords

open the terminal emulator on your rooted device. look at the screenshot.android-terminal-emulator

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When the app is opened. Now just follow the steps & type these commands.

First Type SU & hit enter.

In the second step, type this: cd data/misc/wifi & hit enter

In the third step, type LS & hit enter

In the fourth step, type cat *.conf & hit enter again to find out your saved wifi passwords.

The process will be done in just a second & after that, scroll down to see your wifi networks.

It will look like this, look at the screenshot.


#2 Finding Password Using ES File Explorer

This method is the same like we did in the first step, but here we’ll do it manually using ES File Explorer.

So first of all, download the explorer from Play Store & then follow the steps below.

[appbox googleplay com.estrongs.android.pop]
  1. Open File Explorer
  2. In the letf sidebar, Go to Device
  3. Go to Data
  4. Scroll down & open the misc folder then open Wifi folder
  5. at the bottom, you’ll see wpa_supplicant.conf file, so open it & there you’ll see all your networks with their passwords


#3 Show Your Wifi Passwords Using Android Apps

In this method, I’ll be showing you how you can use android apps to know your hidden passwords on your android device.

So first of all, download this app on your android phone which is free of cost but make sure that your android device is rooted.

[appbox googleplay ro.lau.app.wifipasswords]

After installing the app, simply open it & you’ll see all your wifi passwords which you had connected on your device before.

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I think this app will help you but if it doesn’t work then you can also try any other app just search in play store and download it.

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#4 Show Wifi Password on Your PC (Windows 7)

If you’ve PC & windows 7 is installed on it then you can find your connected wifi password very easily. Follow the steps.

  1. Open your wifi connections tab from the icon on the right sidebar. Right click on the network & then go to Propertiesshow-wiif-passwords-on-windows-7
  2. A new window will be opened. Enable Show Characters to see passwords.

#5 CMD (Command Prompt) Method

If you’re using any other windows on your system so the above method might not be working for you. If it’s true then here you can learn how to use CMD to find out wifi passwords very easily.

Follow the steps:

  1. Open CMD or Press Windows+R to Open the RUN window
  2. Type CMD in the RUN input box & CMD will be opened
  3. Now type this

    netsh wlan show profiles
    Your saved wifi will be showed, So now type this
    netsh wlan show profile name=YourWifiName key=clearshow-wifi-password-using-cmd

Following the above steps, you’ll be seeing all saved passwords & SSID Names. look at the screenshot


#6 Wifi Passphrase On The Back of Your Router

If you haven’t yet changed your wifi password or in other words, if your wifi password is the default then you can find it on the back of your PTCL Router or any other Router you’re using.

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#7 Access Wifi Password on your Router’s Configuration Page

This method is very simple. All you need to do is go to the PTCL Configuration page of your router. I’m using PTCL so I’ll open the page by visiting this: So Log into your configuration page by typing the username & password. You can find your router’s admin panel username & password on the back of your router.

When you’re logged into your admin panel, go to Wireless>Security & scroll down until you see WPA/WAPI passphrase. Once you find it, click on click here to display to show your wifi passcode. look at the screenshot


Hope you’ll find this article helpful, if you’ve any question or want to appreciate us then drop a comment in the comment section & if you’ve a little bit time then don’t hesitate to mention us on your social media pages.


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  1. Bilal

    After following the first method, I am getting very long password. I think it is encoded by wpa broadband providers. Do you know how to decode. Thanks


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